How to Boost Self-Esteem

you are already loved

Parents, do you have a child struggling with self-esteem? Do you desire your child to have a positive outlook of oneself? Allow me to encourage you, there are so many adolescents, plus adults, dealing with self-esteem issues. Adolescents are wired to care about what their peers think of them. Do you remember your teenage years? I only had two friends in high school. I didn’t care to be popular, but I did wanted to be accepted. Since, it is a known fact that bullying and cruel ridicule exist, how can you, as a parent, boost your child’s self-esteem?

Three key points to boosting self-esteem in adolescents:

(1.) Show no contempt, agitation, or anger when your child tries to explain to you how another person made them feel. Be understanding and listen to every word your child is saying. Don’t be so quick to speak or fix the situation. Just listen and try to understand, even if you’ve never experience what your child is experiencing. Repeat back what they said to you to make sure you heard them correctly.

(2.) Ask your child what would make the situation better. This question allows the child to brainstorm solutions to their situation. This question isn’t for the parent to solve the problem. Listen to their solutions and suggest better ones if the child is providing ineffective solutions.

(3.) Sow a seed of affirmation in your child’s life. In other words, speak what they should be hearing about him or herself. For examples, “You are loved. I love you. You are beautiful. I care about you and your well-being.”

These days, adolescents want to be seen, heard, loved, and accepted. It first starts at home. If they are not being seen, heard, loved, or accepted at home, they will find it elsewhere.

If you desire your child to sustain a positive outlook of oneself in spite of criticism, get this book:

Your child needs to know that he or she is already Loved, Accepted, Heard, and Seen. 

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