Born with no fault being black
and not cut any slack
raised to be strong black women and men
but treated unequal and less than human
Getting pulled over by police
is an automatic threat
because it’s your skin that’s not correct
My son ask, “Why didn’t the police consider another strategy to subdue him?”
But instead murder in cold blood
and walk away as if they done their duty
Did you really uphold the law
to protect and serve
or did you just go by what you saw?
A black man
and you have the audacity to call a man with his hands up, “a big bad dude.”
All we’re asking for is a little consideration
or at least some regards toward a human’s life
Why take his life at all?
He’s standing tall
with his hands high
toward the sky
probably praying that he makes his way home safely
But he didn’t…….
I’m in tears😢
I admit I got fears
for my own sons, daughters, husband, and uncles
And now another man has been shot
Keith Lamont Scott
in his car reading a book
Father, Father I’m on my knees
for a change
#thishastostop #heartheavy RIP #TerenceCrutcher #KeithLamontScott #stopkillingus

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