I know you’re busy…but

School Counseling can be a rewarding and challenging profession. One of those challenges is managing the time. So, let’s list all the things that counselors do (depending on the grade level and school district).

  • test coordinator
  • record clerk
  • classroom management training to the teachers
  • scheduling
  • financial aid, college applications, scholarship applications, etc.
  • Teacher support team meetings
  • IEP meetings
  • PBIS meetings
  • PLC meetings
  • professional development meetings
  • counseling students
  • counseling teachers
  • referring students to mental health
  • duties that the principal give on a daily basis which can be 5 or 10 things

How do we find the time to complete all these tasks within an 8 hour shift? We don’t! We can’t do it all. We aren’t trying to do it all. We can do so much with the little time we have to get it done. But know this, we do get it done! It may not come when you want it, but it gets done. With our necks tensed up, we get it done. With our nerves all shot, we get it done. With our toxic bodies due to eating comfort food, we get it done. We are getting it done one step at a time; prioritizing the best we know how; and reminding ourselves the reason we are still in our profession — for the STUDENTS. I write all this to say, we have one thing that annoy us. (I may not be speaking for all the counselors in the world, but I can say I am speaking for some of us.) We don’t like to hear these five words:

“I know you’re busy…but”

Ok. There are one or two things going through my mind when I hear these five words. If you know I’m busy, why the blank are you in here? If you see I am busy, wouldn’t the common courtesy be to come back later? But…no you want to come in here and add more work for me on top the list I have already accumulated. How thoughtful of you?

Ok. More than three things, but the case of the matter is we need common courtesy. If you see we are busy, can you please come back later or at least delegate that task to someone else? #ijs #unapologeticallybeingme #ilovebeingaschoolcounselorthough

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