I meant to say ‘No’

Being assertive doesn’t come easy to some people. I used to be one of those people who was always saying yes when I meant to say No. I would find myself frustrated at other folks when I needed to be mad at myself. All I had to do was say No. One day I realized that even if I said no it wouldn’t be the end. Saying no didn’t stop friendships, relationships, opportunities, and etc. It just accelerated the epiphany of realizing that if those things did end, then they weren’t meant to be in existence anyway.

I could care less if people dislike me just because I say No. Everybody isn’t meant to be my friend nor worthy of my company. Saying No to the right people or situations can be so liberating!!!! Excuse my excitement! I am speaking from an experience of deliverance! For those that do understand how I feel, you know exactly what I am talking about.

As I stated before, being assertive doesn’t come easy to some people. I think I have some ideas of this cause:

  1. They want to please everybody. Guess what? You can’t please everybody. Jesus sure didn’t. He had haters everywhere he went, but that didn’t stop him from fulfilling his purpose.
  2. They don’t want other people to be mad at them. Guess what? They are going to be mad regardless of what you do. Nehemiah from the Bible sure didn’t care about people being upset at him for rebuilding the wall. He was bold and stood his ground on finishing in spite of the obstacles.
  3. They don’t know they have the right to say no. Guess what? It is your right to say No. The same energy and effort it took you to say yes, you can use that same energy and effort to say No. You can say it with no regret and guilt. If you really meant to say No. Say it and keep it moving.

I am Tyra E. Rowell, author of Unapologetically Being Me. I am living in the Power of Now. My Past doesn’t define me. My Purpose is being fulfilled.


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