Dreams do come true

Debut Novel. Me. An Indie Author. Yes.

Tyra E. Rowell is not afraid to step out on faith. If there’s anything you have a passion to do, you have to first believe you can do it. You already see yourself doing it, but now it’s time to believe you can do it. Your belief will turn into action. An action that will turn a dream into reality. Things may not happen overnight, but they do happen as long as you press forward. This novel took me years to write. Not because I couldn’t write. But because I was afraid to write. Afraid to fail. Afraid of the unknown. Even now it’s nerve wrecking….lol but exciting. It’s okay to be nervous, but you still have to move through the nerves and keep going. Life doesn’t stop just because you’re nervous.

Keep pushing.

Keep moving.

Keep writing. Keep singing. Keep learning.

Sooner or later, you will see the end result of a finished product.

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