Embrace your Marriage

Why is marriage referred as ‘being in shackles’ like we are in a jail or in bondage? A real marriage isn’t like that. A real marriage between two mature people who desire and love to be married isn’t like that at all.

The Bible says, when a man finds his wife, he finds a good thing. And not only that, he obtains favor from the Lord. Favor that he didn’t know he had until he met her. My character, Jerry, in my book, Anything She Says, found favor when he met Vivian. He had his flaws, but still, he had favor. Even though Vivian told him she wasn’t happy in the bedroom, he still had favor because he knew she loved him. He also knew she wasn’t going anywhere. What did Jerry do to show Vivian he cared about her feelings and happiness or did he ignore them? Click on the book title above to find out?

Husbands, continue to date your wife. Wives, continue to flirt with your husband. Let people know you enjoy being married. Yes, it is hard work because of two people with their own individuality are living together. But when you have Jesus in the middle of those individualities, it is not hard work. It is compromising. It is communication. It is compassion. Those three things don’t have to be hard unless YOU make it hard.

Stop pretending like you don’t love being married to the one you know God has blessed you to hold and to have. Marriage is beautiful and let nothing put it asunder. When things get tense, just say, “Jesus take the wheel.”

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