Instant Prayer Series

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Vivian Woods, newly married and in love, thought she had all three things that she believed were vital in a marriage.

Money, Sex, and Love. And in that order.

Those beliefs changed when she gave her life to Christ and met Jerry. During their courtship, she decided to wait to test the water, as people say, until she married him. Now, after three months of marriage, she realizes the love of her life can’t please her in bed. What does Vivian do to keep her bed undefiled and honorable? She seeks help in an unorthodox way that could either restore or corrupt her marriage.

An Excerpt: Chapter One

“Lord, what does a woman have to do to feel good?” Vivian asked in frustration.

Infidelity was not an option for Vivian because of two things. One, it didn’t fit her character of being a good, Christian woman. Two, she loved her husband, Jerry, short for Jeremiah. She called him her Boaz because she was found as favor in his sight and he didn’t pass her by.

She had been sitting in her car for the past 20 minutes frustrated, irritated, and nervous at the same time. It had been 22 days, eight hours, and 45 minutes since Vivian had intimacy with her husband, Jerry. They had been married for three months and had never gone three weeks without sex until now. Even though Vivian refused to take the blame for her sex life being in a drought, she was determined to revive the bedroom. Vivian wanted to feel alive when making love to Jerry, or better yet, when he was making love to her. Feeling alive to her meant being vulnerable and open with him as well as certain body parts exploding when they both climaxed. That was something Jerry lacked to give her in the past three months they have been married. She wanted so badly to enlighten Jerry with techniques on how to get more in tuned with her body, but instead she did the opposite; had no sex at all.

Vivian loved Jerry, but he could be so boring and quick in bed. Always wanting to do the same thing every single time: missionary style. She wondered why the position was called missionary because it didn’t give her any room to express her own sensuality. If there were such a thing as bad sex or sex gone badly, this was it. Sex had gone bad. When they first got married, sex was never an issue because they had been withholding sex until marriage. They were in heat from the abstinence so two or three times a day in the missionary position was not an issue. Now Vivian was sore from boredom and faking the feeling. She was beginning to feel like the character, Celie, from the movie, The Color Purple, when she said the mister just get on top of her and do his business. Those erotic novels she read on a daily basis weren’t enough either. She was getting tired of trying the customs of the world to get what she needed. She wanted to try something different and out of the ordinary for her.

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Book Two is Coming in Fall 2018! Book Two is Coming in Fall 2018! Book Two is Coming!

The story continues with Vivian, Jerry, Bianca, and Fabien!